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Map of Marion County & Guin

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Corridor X - Guin, AL

Aerial of Corridor X near exit #26 (Guin)



The City of Guin is benefited by Federal and State highway systems that connect us with larger metropolitan areas such as;

  • US I-22, formerly Corridor X – Memphis to Birmingham

  • US 78 - Memphis to Birmingham

  • US 43 - Florence to Tuscaloosa

  • US 278 - Amory to Cullman

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Railroad Service is provided in Guin by Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad's memphis Division Track.

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General Director Public Affairs:  Steve Forsberg
Phone:  913.551.4479
Fax:  913.551.4285
Territory:  AL, AR, IL, IA, KS, KY, MS, MO, NE, TN


Marion County is proud of its 5,500 ft. X 100 ft. runway with an up to date lighting system. We have Jet-A and Avgas, a pilot lounge and a courtesy car available for pilots use.The Airport was awarded a two million grant for continued improvements and a parallel taxi-way, ramp area, new administrative building and new hangers are slated. Located just 14 miles from downtown Guin this small but efficient airport can accommodate both small or commercial sized aircrafts.  

Commercial Air Service

  • Tupelo, Mississippi - 45 miles
  • Columbus, Mississippi - 65 miles
  • Florence, Alabama - 50 miles
  • Birmingham, Alabama – 82 miles  
  • Memphis, Tennessee – 170 miles


Marion County Rankin Fite Airport
520 Airport Road
Hamilton, AL 35570

Contact: Airport Manager, Steven Shotts
Phone: 205.921.9585


Some $3.5 billion of new and expanded industrial development have located in the waterway region since its completion. The Tenn-Tom passes through part of the "Wood Basket" of the nation. About 4 million tons of forestry products are shipped on the waterway each year.

The Tenn-Tom, with its low cost transportation and abundant water supplies, is only one of several important assets this region claims for sustaining industrial growth. Others include:

  • Abundant natural resources, including coal, oil and gas, minerals, and forests;
  • Trained labor force with strong work ethic;
  • Lower energy costs and other similar measures that reduce production costs;
  • Full range of competitive transportation services; and
  • An enviable quality of life.

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The Tennessee Tombigbee
Waterway Development Authority
Post Office Drawer 671
Columbus, Mississippi 39703

Phone: (662) 328-3286
FAX   (662) 328-0363




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